Investment Management

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a shift in the world of investing. Many advisors fall prey to the “hot stocks” or “model portfolios” of the moment, rather than focus on creating academic-driven investment strategies and educating clients. As a result, many clients’ portfolios don’t accurately align with their comfortable level of risk and long-term goals, and they aren’t earning long-term market rates of return. And without objective guidance from a trusted advisor, it can be difficult for many investors to feel confident in their investment decisions.

At Ascendant, we offer customized strategies and unbiased guidance with the goal of helping you navigate the complexities of the markets and address your financial concerns. Rather than rely on short-lived investment fads, we focus on market efficiency and sound economic philosophies, educate you on academic-driven strategies, and create an investment portfolio that aligns with your needs.

Through a rigorous investment management approach and a consultative process, we work closely with you to not only create a personalized portfolio, but to also implement and monitor your strategies on an ongoing basis. 

Understanding Your Needs

Our process begins with understanding your investment objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance - all of which will drive your asset allocation and help us determine the right balance for you. Our focus is on meeting your specific goals, reducing risk as much as possible, and achieving competitive returns with balance and diversification.

Determining Your Asset Allocation

Your investment objectives will provide the basic framework for your portfolio's asset allocation. Each portfolio will generally have a mix of investments based on the investment objective. Asset classes used may include individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, alternative investments, separately-managed accounts (SMA's), and conservative option strategies. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are not tied to any particular product and have the ability to pick and choose from a wide variety of asset classes, which can be critical for portfolio variation.

Ongoing Service and Support

We see ourselves as financial guides first and take pride in our high-level service that extends beyond building a portfolio. After implementing your portfolio, we regularly meet with you to review your personal situation and share our views on the capital markets and other significant developments related to your portfolio. When needed, we will suggest adjustments to your portfolio to ensure it reflects your current objectives. Our goal is to be available to you when needed, and we make our team readily available by phone, email, and face-to-face meetings.